Models in Bottles

Building ships in bottles from scratch


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This page will be a constant work in progress for awhile as I run into new terms that might be helpful for beginners to know.

Parts of a ship

Hull - The main body of a ship including the sides and bottom but not the masts
Keel - Beam along the bottom of a ship on which the rest of the hull is built. Sometimes this extends below the hull as a blade to increase stability.


Aft - Backwards direction on a ship, towards the stern 
Bow - Front of a ship 
Fore - Forward direction on a ship, towards the bow 
Port - Left side of a ship when facing forward ("driver" side in the US) 
Stern - Rear of a ship 
Starboard - Right side of a ship when facing forward ("passenger" side in the US)


Bowsprit - Spar extending forward from a ship's bow to which forestays are fastened 
Fore-mast - Mast in front of the main-mast
Main-mast - Tallest mast, usually situated towards the center of the ship
Mast - Tall post on a ship usually carrying one or more sails
Mizzen-mast - Mast immediately behind main-mast, usually shorter than fore-mast
Spar - Any strong post used on a ship. Examples include masts and bowsprit.
Sprit Topmast - Small mast set on the bowsprit. Not counted when identifying a ship as two or three masted.
Stay - Rigging that runs along the centerline of a ship from a mast
Yard - Usually describes horizontal spars on square rigged ships

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